Helena's Work

The following are examples of Helena's illustration style. These are from one article by John Burroughs in The Century Magazine. Her illustrations in her husband's books of poetry are very similar.



Helena translated this biography of Millet from the French. It was serialized in the Century Magazine before it was published as a book.

Helena designed the cover of Richard's first book of poetry above and did the text illustrations for almost all of his books of poetry. She may have designed the cover of the "Two Worlds" above as well. The cover of "The New Day" may be the first book cover designed by a woman in the United States.

"A wonderful example of an American trade binding designed by a woman. In fact, this work predates Sarah Whitman's earliest binding design by four years, and Margaret Armstrong's earliest known work by fourteen years. Mrs. Gilder's claim to fame has been questioned by Sue Allen. With the incredible exception of Maria Lowell (who designed the wrappers for her husband's CONVERSATIONS ON SOME OF THE OLD POETS in 1845 we have been unable to locate any earlier trade bindings designed by a woman (Cf. Ball, Carter, Allen, McLean, Papantonio, Wolf, Maser, et al)."

from a Rare Book Dealer on the Web

Here are a couple of Helena's paintings