Walter Shirlaw by Duveneck                                Will H. Low by himself


Among the Old Poets by Shirlaw


Aurora by Low

Shirlaw and Low, besides doing all sorts of illustration work, were also hired along with two others to redesign United States currancy during Grover Cleveland's second term. August Saint-Gaudens was redesigning the coins. Check out this web site about the paper money. It might be pointed out that these guys were Richard's buddies, as was Cleveland.

Will Low was another one that got around and was friends with everyone. He studied in Paris in classes with Sargent, was a part of the summer group at Grez that included Robert Louis Stevenson, Theodore Robinson and Frank O'Meara (and where Stevenson met Fanny). He got to know Millet through Babcock. He was friends with Saint-Gaudens and upon arriving back in New York became an early member of the Society of American Artists.

Robert Louis Stevenson & Fanny by Will Low
(at Grez)