"I'm not going to Egypt!" He [Charles Dudley Warner, Twain's co-author of "The Gilded Age"] said to me---'I like you. I think you are the nicest girl I ever saw."

from a letter of Helena's. This is the usual response to meeting Helena.

These were the folks that were wooing Helena. Winslow was ten years older and giving her instruction in painting. Mary and Richard were her own age. Winslow was called the "Obtuse Bard" and may have been a man of few words. Homer's first biographer reported finding a watercolor portrait of Winslow done by Helena's mother. Richard wrote poems to her and about her that were published in Scribner's Magazine. Mary wrote "Edith Bonham" a novel in which Helena was the fictionalized main character

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Richard Watson Gilder

Mary Hallock Foote



Sweet mouth, dark eyes, deep heart-
All of beauty, all of glamour heaven could fashion
With its divinest art;
A woman's life and love, a woman's passion.

But these, at last, to win,
Land, or sea, or hell, heaven might be ravished
At price of any sin-
Yet freely all she on her lover lavished.

-Richard Watson Gilder

This is an illustration that Homer did, so we assume he attended these shows, but its reported that Richard escorted Helena to a whirlwind of art shows and plays and parties.