This is Richard Morris Hunt's Studio in the 10th Street Studio Building. He was the architect that designed the building. (He was William Morris Hunt's brother, the artist and teacher in Boston that brought Millet to the attention of artists in America.) This studio building was the center of the art world in New York City for many years. Winslow Homer, John La Farge, William Merritt Chase, Frederic Church, Homer Martin, Walter Shirlaw, John & Julian Weir, and over 150 other artists were tenants at one time or another. Helena was surely upstairs here for her lessons with Winslow Homer.

"Reception at the Tenth Street Studios"
from "Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper"

William Merritt Chase in his Studio. He had taken for his individual studio what was originally designed as a main gallery for all the studios users in the building. The paintings below are all William Merritt Chase's depictions of scenes in his Studio in the building. He took the concept of the public studio to new heights in his time there.


John Ferguson Weir Studio- the real thing

John Ferguson Weir Studio- the portrait